Closing the Loop’s core business is buying broken mobile phones (e-waste), in collaboration with local partners in Africa and Asia, and ensuring that the devices are recycled responsibly. This way we prevent them from ending up in landfills or in illegal hands and we create new value for discarded mobiles.


To scale up this business of buying discarded phones in developing countries we launched a proposition for companies this summer. We offer them a simple way to make their mobile phone use circular. For every mobile phone they use, Closing the Loop saves one from e-waste dumps. We call it One for One. We are very proud to introduce these circular frontrunners below who are reducing their mobile footprint by working with us! Let us explain how it works:


ING: dispose one, save oneing-logo
ING is one of the biggest Dutch retail banks and part of the ING Group, a global financial institution that provides banking, investment, life insurance and pension services. In the Netherlands they have 16.000 employees. They will provide their employees with the opportunity to hand in their old mobile phones and Closing the Loop will save that number of mobile phones from e-waste dumps in Africa. This leads to less e-waste and ING offsetts their “waste footprint”.


logofmoFMO: buy one, save one
FMO is the Dutch development bank. They offer their capital and knowledge to companies, projects and financial institutions in developing countries. All employees of FMO will soon receive a new company phone. It’s quite logical that these new phones lead to increased scarcity of raw materials. FMO offsets their “material footprint” by working with Closing the Loop. We transform negative footprints into positive footprints by collecting discarded phones in developing countries on their behalf. On the ground we generate income, create jobs, reduce waste and encourage awareness about recycling issues.


TMG: our launching customertmg_logo_580px_motif
Remember our launching corporate, TMG (Telegraaf Media Group)? “Buy Social” did an interview with them about the cooperation between TMG and Closing the Loop. The “Buy Social” program, an initiative of Social Enterprise NL, has been created to encourage social value purchasing across companies.
You can read the full article (in Dutch) here.

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