Samsung NL

As the market leader in mobile telecom, selling 294 million units globally in 2018, Samsung clearly has many opportunities to contribute to a circular economy, for example in the Netherlands. The company recognized that besides selling innovative products, it can also actively work on making those iconic and crucial devices more sustainable – in an equally innovative way.

The Solution

For that reason, the Dutch branch of Samsung decided to use Closing the Loop’s service of waste compensation to apply circular thinking to its sale process – and boost e-waste recycling in African countries.
Samsung and Closing the Loop set up a partnership to collect a discarded phone for every sold Samsung S10E. Under this partnership, every purchase of a new device is ‘compensated’ by recycling one discarded phone in an emerging country.
Telecom company T-Mobile supported the scheme at its 124 stores across the Netherlands.

‘’This means we directly contribute to the circular economy by reducing e-waste in developing countries. As the market leader in mobile telecom, it is important that we take our responsibility.’’ Gerben van Walt Meijer, Marketing Manager Samsung Netherlands

The Service 

Closing the Loop collects and recycles one waste phone in Africa for one new Samsung S10E device sold by Samsung in the Netherlands.

The Result 

The collaboration is an industry-changing development: the global market leader for mobile phones makes the phone it sells in the Netherlands waste-neutral. The Samsung S10E is the first device to be compensated - by both T-Mobile and Samsung. This means that the purchase of that model directly leads to less e-waste in developing countries.
This is new proof that the telecom sector can become waste-neutral. Joost de Kluijver: “The phone is an iconic product that deserves a much better end than being dumped on a mountain of waste. Compensation of telephones is on its way to become the new standard in this great sector.”

Are you interested in getting started on circularity? 

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