CTL an Expert in E-Waste

18 December 2017

Closing the Loop was founded as an NGO in 2012. The reason we started? Because we saw so many of those thick reports and international researches being done on the dangers and problems of electronic waste. Reports that went back to the nineties. Reports that led to more reports and more concern, but no action.

So 2017 came, and we have a new UN report on the dangers and problems of e-waste. But this time, Closing the Loop was asked - as an e-waste expert - to comment on the report. And so we communicated our belief: we will not solve the e-waste situation with reports and doom and gloom. We need people – especially in emerging markets – to see the opportunity of e-waste, so that positive motivation can be used to turn this chemical waste into income, clean metals and an example for the circular economy.

It's great to see publications like Huffington Post pick up on the input we have given!

Read the Huffington Post article here.