First One for One Client of 2019: Rabobank

14 January 2019

We are proud to present…

The newest addition to the growing group of our circular service users: Rabobank, a leading Dutch bank.

For every mobile phone Rabobank buys for its employees, Closing the Loop will save one from e-waste dumps. One for One.

To produce new devices, materials are required. Also, phones have a certain life span (of 5-8 years, in total). This means that Rabobank's new phones also lead to increased scarcity of raw materials – and will become e-waste, at some point. 

At Closing the Loop, we transform these negative footprints into positive impact by collecting discarded phones in developing countries on behalf of Rabobank.

We ensure that the devices are recycled responsibly. This way we prevent them from ending up in landfills and new value is created for discarded mobiles and their valuable metals.

Why do companies like Rabobank support our work?

  • Green procurement for IT is a great way to implement circularity in your company
  • E-waste (electronic waste) is the fastest growing waste stream in the world
  • The services offered by Closing the Loop are research-backed and recognised by the industry

We are looking forward to work with Rabobank and make mobile phones circular.