Municipalities Embrace One-for-One

11 December 2017

It is probably the most discussed subject during conferences on sustainability: ‘green public procurement’. But it’s clearly a topic that (local) governments and municipalities struggle with. Conservative policies on how to spend tax payers’ money match poorly with the often experimental nature of these purchases.

But as of 2017, several public organizations have chosen to implement Closing the Loop’s concept of waste-free reuse. Our ‘One for One’ service delivers on their ambitions for positive impact by means of socially aware procurement. It is easy to implement, is low cost and of course has tangible social and environmental results. A great way to get started on green public procurement!

The first customer was the municipality of Haarlemmermeer (followed by Haarlem and Amsterdam, amongst others). Thank you Haarlemmermeer for leading by example!

Read about Haarlemmermeer's implementation here.