One week to go - Containers from Africa!

25 July 2017

3 months ago tomorrow, on 26 April 2017, we were present in Uganda to load our first container of phones for transport. After 12 months of collecting, and 16 months of procedures for permits, we were finally ready to load the container.

Reinhardt, our Project Director for Africa, travelled to Kampala to view the loading of the truck with our partner Alex. Two days later, he travelled to Kigali in Rwanda, to repeat the process with Jean Claude, our Rwandan partner. Both trucks were loaded successfully, even though there were some exciting moments, which we will try and share in a video soon!

We now have to wait exactly 1 week before the phones will arrive at our recycling partner, where we can receive the container with some festivity.

You can see some photos of the loading process below, and we will update you with more later.

Jean Claude checks some of the phone circuit boards before loading in Rwanda
A big bag of phones is being loaded into the truck in Kampala
Kigali, Rwanda, as seen in the background behind a bag of phone circuit boards
Celebration after a successful loading in Kigali, Rwanda