Rethink - Our Innovative Service for Sustainable Phones

22 August 2017


We have all heard this term more and more, in recent times.

But what can your business do with it? How can you explain the concept to your employees and other stakeholders? What step should you take first, and how?

Follow organisations like ING Bank, Schiphol Airport and the City of Amsterdam and implement circularity for a product that is key for any business: the mobile phone.

Rethink offers a safe, innovative and easy way to add circularity to your telecom policy. Industry leader Sims Recycling Solutions and Closing the Loop created this innovative service for any organisation that wants to get started on circular business. Whether you're a CSR hero or laggard, circular expert or newly converted: Rethink is for everyone.

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Watch our animation to understand how Rethink works