Together with Sims Recycling Solutions, we can add responsible use, re-use and disposal processes to your mobile phone policy.

Closing the Loop's core business is making mobile phones circular. We try to do that in innovative and practical ways, from recycling, to reuse to the offsetting of the raw materials. This is important because, in today's world, waste simply cannot be wasted. We only have a limited amount of resources on the planet, and any resource extracted should be used to its full potential.

Watch our animation to see how the Rethink programme works.

In order to expand our reach and provide organisations with a reliable and sustainable way to use their electronics, we launched the Rethink programme with Sims Recycling Solutions.

Rethink is a collaboration between Closing the Loop and Sims Recycling Solutions, the world’s leading sustainable electronics recycler. Contact us to hear more about this programme, or contact Sims Recycling Solutions directly at