Sustainable Development Goals

Closing the Loop aims to make the entire lifecycle of mobile telephones more sustainable. By creating a circular economy for mobile telephones through responsible use, reuse and recycling, we contribute to SDG 12. How this works is explained in this best practice case study by Transform Together.

Closing the Loop pays small businesses and individuals in developing nations for their electronic waste. In this way, we enable hundreds of people to earn some extra income and improve their livelihoods.

Proper recycling is many times more efficient than mining for raw materials. By ensuring that as much of the raw materials contained in phones are reused, we contribute to fighting climate change and reducing carbon emissions.

As part of its activities, Closing the Loop works towards better waste management in general in the countries where we are active. We do this by collaborating with other organisations and communities.

Closing the Loop ensures that mobile phones are recycled properly and safely. This prevents these phones from ending up in nature and on dump sites where have serious health consequences for those working on the sites.

Do you want to be part of the first steps towards circular phones? Closing the Loop is open to partnerships and already works with some of the biggest names to turn e-waste into opportunities.