Your ICT procurement made sustainable

Reach your organisation's sustainability targets, (cost) effective and easy.

Making your IT-hardware purchases sustainable is easier than you think. 

With our recognized service - we are an approved collector within the framework of TCO Certified Edge, E-waste compensated - your organisation can get actual results and positive impact with your Corporate Responsibility Program. 

Your company uses mobile phones, tablets, laptops. We make the usage of these devices circular by 'offsetting' or 'e-waste compensation'. For example, a phone you use, leads to one discarded phone being responsibly collected and recycled.

Our services turn your circular ambitions into tangible and audited results and an appealing story. It is impactful, practical and can easily be added to any procurement process. Offsetting makes your devices waste-free and material-neutral.

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Client Cases

As a leading telecom brand, T-Mobile (Netherlands) wanted to do more than create awareness on e-waste. They help us expand our work in Africa by implementing Closing the Loop's waste-free reuse service.

A group of Dutch provinces and environmental services wanted to do something about the sustainability problems associated with mobile phones, such as increasing resource scarcity and the issue of electronic waste in developing countries. The demand was a complete compensation of the use of raw materials.