Our Team

Joost de Kluijver


The idea behind Closing the Loop was born during a project I did in Tanzania, 2010. My former company brought mobile phones to Africa for reuse. There I saw that mobile phones lead to huge problems at the end of their lifespan. Closing the Loop is the result of a long-term effort and strong local networks. I am proud of that.

Reinhardt Smit

Project Director Africa

I grew up in South Africa and Ghana. After finishing my IT studies and Hotelschool in The Netherlands, I started my own company to improve communication and workflows of organisations and projects. During my work I came across the world of electronic waste and recycling. At Closing the Loop I focus on strengthening the existing networks and helping the organisation grow through my experience and knowledge from Africa.

Annick Mantoua


Contributing to a more social and sustainable world. That’s my mission. Since long I’ve been a catalyst and project lead of several organisations and businesses and I hope to leverage this experience while working on Closing the Loop. A very challenging and urgent matter. Together, I hope to keep on finding innovative solutions for a circular economy that are profitable for everyone.

Josette de Vroeg

Marketing & Communications Manager

After my study communication at the University of Amsterdam I worked at IDFA, TEDxAmsterdam and TTC Mobile, one of the first social enterprises in the Netherlands. At Closing the Loop I work as a Marketing and Communications Manager. What I like most about Closing the Loop is that their unique approach turns waste into a source of income for people in Africa and Asia.

Niels Hazekamp

Foundation Manager

For me, Closing the Loop is the answer to limit the harm of scrap mobile phones. We strive for a circular business model that is profitable for everyone and environmentally friendly at the same time. With my experience in campaigning and network in the world of sustainable electronics I put Closing the Loop on the map.