Waste-Free Reuse

Our One for One reuse process guarantees that your disposed phones will reduce global e-waste and that you can count the environmental and social benefits.

Reuse is a great way to improve the environmental performance of a mobile phone. Extending the lifecycle of a phone brings tangible environmental and economic benefits. It also allows for people to obtain technology they wouldn't otherwise have access to.

This is especially the case for people living in emerging markets, which receive some 70 percent of all remarketed phones, research shows.

Unfortunately, these markets lack safe recycling infrastructures so when the phone reaches the end of its life, it becomes waste. It is dumped or dangerously recycled in the black market causing great environmental damage and posing significant health risks to the workers. 

Closing the Loop solves this issue by collecting mobile phones at their final life phase in emerging markets, on your behalf. For every phone you send for re-use, we will recover a scrap phone from Africa or Asia. 

Reuse becomes waste-free, and you can count the environmental, social, and economic benefits. 

Our service can be used as an add-on to your current disposal process, without the need to change any existing suppliers or agreements. We can also create - or take over - your phone reuse policy.

Together with our partners, we can deliver on all needs for data safety, environmental and social impact reporting and transparency.

Scrap phones collected by our partner in Ghana, destined for proper recycling in Belgium.

Client Cases

With their large employee headcount, Ahold also frequently disposes mobile phones and tablets. These include devices that have become obsolete, that have been damaged or that were owned by former employees. We buy these electronics and reuse them.

Waste-free disposal, that’s what ING wanted. We reuse their redundant phones and collect an equal number of waste phones. These collections are paid for by the value of ING’s disposed phones. ING can be sure they do not add to global e-waste.