Our Story

Inspired by the enormous benefits that mobile phones bring to the world, especially the developing world, Joost de Kluijver, founder of Closing the Loop, felt it would require one more improvement to make the telecom industry the greatest in the world: the industry needed to be more sustainable. For that reason, Joost started Closing the Loop in 2012, after a year of research and feedback from people across the globe.

From its first pilots - linking leading waste management technology to African electronic waste challenges – to the current diversification of solutions, Closing the Loop has developed from an award-winning startup to your reliable and experienced partner for mobile phone life cycle sustainability.

Along the way, we have received numerous professional recognitions, extensive media attention (such as this Dutch and English documentary about our work) and have been able to expand our network with prestigious partners like Fairphone and Sims Recycling Solutions. But the key driver for everyone at Closing the Loop remains to show that it is possible to make the whole lifecycle of mobile phones more sustainable, and have everyone benefit from that.