Recovery Networks


Closing the Loop collects electronic waste in Africa. Why there? Because phones get sold on from Europe, the Americas, and Asia to be reused at low cost by African customers. But what happens when those phones die? It’s either the dump . . . . or a better way. Our partner network of local entrepreneurs selected, trained, and supported by us run the local recovery networks that collect scrap mobile phones and send them on their way to recycling.

We ensure that all collection, storage, and transport are done with the right permits and in compliance with all local and international regulations. And we are responsible for the accreditation process for transporting these scrap phones.

A business or a charity? 

We create safe employment and local economic growth. We are a business. And our partners in Africa are businesses too, ranging from students that are running a small business to established companies that have been operating for many years such as Maiden Group in Ghana. To date, Closing the Loop has helped more than 2,000 people with additional income, and we have collected more than 3 million phones.

This video explains our recycling programs in Africa