Recovery Networks

To enable our One for One model, Closing the Loop partners with local entrepreneurs in Africa and Asia to create local recovery networks that collect scrap mobile phones for recycling.

We support the collection, storage, and especially the accreditation process for transporting these scrap phones. This way, we ensure that all collection, storage and transport is done with the right permits and following all local and international regulations.

In the developed world, we are re-using more and more of our equipment. This is a great way to extend the life of devices, and it should be encouraged. The downside is that 70% of these devices end up in emerging markets, with no recycling facilities once these devices reach their end-of-life about 4 years later. Closing the Loop takes care of this problem by removing these obsolete devices from these emerging markets and creating safe employment.

Our partners in Africa and Asia range from students that are running a small business to established companies that have been operating for many years, such as Maiden Group in Ghana. To date, Closing the Loop has helped more than 2,000 people to earn additional income through safe employment, and we have collected more than 2.2 million phones.

This video explains our recycling programs in Africa