Let’s drive sustainable development together

Together we can achieve contributing to multiple sustainable goals at once!

We are committed to a better and sustainable future. Therefore the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) are at the core of our business model. Together we can create a telecom sector that is beneficial to everyone in the life cycle. Discover how this can work.

Sustainable consumption and production

Closing the Loop aims to make the entire lifecycle of mobile phones more sustainable. We do so by creating closed loop solutions for mobile phones through responsible use, reuse, and recycling. For every new device a company buys, we collect and responsibly recycle a scrap phone. One for One.

Our One for One solution makes phones waste-free and material-neutral. This leads to more reuse, less e-waste, more recycling and lowers the need for mining rare metals. By using these principles of the Circular Economy, we contribute to sustainable consumption and production (SDG 12).

Multiple monitors, like the recently published "Monitor Brede Welvaart & SDG's 2019", show that SDG 12 is stagnating. This is also the case in other countries that relatively score high on implementing the SDGs. Therefore more collaboration is needed.

Contributing to multiple SDG's

SDG 12 can be seen as important enabler for achieving most of the other SDGs. Therefore we target other SDGs as well. In this way we try to leverage our total impact.

First of all, in our mission, local people should first of all benefit from our activities. We do this by creating new areas of employment and drive entrepreneurship in developing countries. Therefore contributing to decent work and economic growth (SDG 8) and reduced poverty levels (SDG 1).

Closing the Loop ensures that mobile phones are recycled properly and safely. This prevents these phones from ending up in nature and on dump sites where they have serious health consequences for those working on the sites (SDG 3) and pollute groundwater (SDG 6). As recycling 1 ton of e-waste contains around 40 times more grams of gold compared to mining 1 ton of gold ore, recycling is far more efficient. This saves carbon emissions up to 95% compared to mining (SDG 13). This all supports and builds sustainable communities (SDG 11) in places where it is most needed.

Finally, as the e-waste problems and solutions are in different continents, so is our work. We create international partnerships (SDG 17) between local collectors, telecom companies, recyclers and organisations with many (company) phones, such as KPMG, ING and Rabobank to turn e-waste into opportunities. We also take opportunities to work with public and civil society organisations to create a substantial impact on the value chain of gold and mobile phones, like the Gold Covenant.

Do you want to drive sustainable development together?

In our view SDGs can be seen as wheels working together, fuelled by hands-on solutions. Our focus is on making the implementation of SDGs tangible to start now. Closing the Loop can provide you with a positive, practical and hands-on solution towards the e-waste challenge. Let’s combine positive social, environmental and PR benefits through the services of Closing the Loop. Get in touch via 020 75 26 506 or info [at] closingtheloop.eu

For more information please also read our best practice case study by Transform Together.