One for One

Electronics such as phones and laptops  have become an essential part of our lives and work.  Aligning these products to your personal and/or organizational values thus makes a lot of sense and creates commercial benefits such as employee engagement and MarCom value. 

However, most available green/circular options are not very attractive because they are risky, costly or limit the possibility to buy the tech you want or need. 
One for One is the only service that overcomes these barriers: a customer-centric approach towards better consumption of tech hardware that has zero negative side-effects. Very easy to implement and low cost.

How does it work?

The thinking behind the One for One service is very straightforward. A new device that is added to the market triggers the collection and recycling of a scrap device. The scrap is collected from a country where waste is normally mismanaged. 

What this means for you:

  1. You buy electronics as you do today. No need to change your current purchasing, products, or vendors; 
  2. A small fee of a few euros is charged per new phone, tablet, or laptop;
  3. That fee is used to collect end-of-life electronics in emerging countries;
  4. Collecting and Recycling this waste 'compensates' your new device; 

Video explaining waste compensation for electronics:

waste compensation explained

What is the result?

The service is simply added as a seamless layer on top of your current process and often costs less than 1% of the device's price. The new devices you buy become symbols of your values and will contribute to employee or customer engagement. The compliant service comes with certification, reporting and appealing content.

Waste compensation is the ideal first step towards green consumption of electronics, hassle free.

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