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It is possible to use devices such as laptops and phones while being responsible global citizens.


Many consumers and most businesses are searching for ways to buy and use their devices in a greener way. As long as it’s not expensive, complex, or a hassle. 

Our conclusion was that tech buyers have a need for pragmatic, solid, and low-cost solutions for sustainable procurement.

Which is what Closing the Loop delivers. The company’s service is solid and pragmatic. It works like this. 

When you buy or lease a new device, you pay a small waste-compensation fee to Closing the Loop. Closing the Loop uses the fee to collect and recycle an equivalent amount of electronic waste in countries that lack waste recycling infrastructure. The recycling of this waste compensates your new device. It makes your purchase waste neutral.

This video explains our One for One service.


  • You buy electronics as you do today. No need to change your current purchasing, products, or vendors 
  • CTL charges you a small fee of a few euros per phone, tablet, or laptop
  • CTL uses that fee to collect end-of-life electronics in African countries 
  • We ensure the waste is properly recycled locally or we ship it to certified recycling facilities
  • The reusable materials are not lost and circulated back into manufacturing
  • Recycling this waste 'compensates' your new device. It makes your electronics waste-free
  • We report on the positive impact we created for you.


  • Make the devices used by every employee, every day, symbols of your organizational values
  • Tangible results on more sustainable operations. Measurable, reportable and available now
  • Making workplace hardware greener means you'll get a story that resonates with your stakeholders   
  • Compelling marketing/PR/communication story material as this solution is appealing, inclusive, and shows that leadership walks the talk
  • Getting started on circularity in a pragmatic, appealing and positive way

Get started with circularity.

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