Congratulations on your new waste-free phone

Congratulations on your new phone! You probably can’t wait to check out all the cool things it can do. But it gets even better, did you know your phone is also one of the few waste-free phones in the world? Rabobank has a surprise for you and we as Closing the Loop would like to tell you more about it.


Perhaps you were unaware, but by working together with Closing the Loop Rabobank is a front runner when it comes to material neutral IT. For every phone that Rabobank buys for its employees, Closing the Loop collects a broken phone in an African country for proper recycling. One for One. In that way, we tackle electronic waste in Africa. Also, we take care that the valuable metals in your phone, like gold, silver and copper can be reused. That’s why you now have a waste free and compensated phone. 

What is electronic waste and why should we tackle this?

About 70% of the phones we use in Europe eventually end up in Africa for a third, fourth, and even fifth life. We believe this is a great process, until the phone doesn’t work anymore and becomes scrap. These end-of-life phones are also a great opportunity, because phones contain valuable metals like gold and copper, that can be reused for production after recycling. That’s why we started Closing the Loop.

Check out our video to see more about our work:

This video explains our One for One service.

What is the impact?

Your phone is one of the phones that Closing the Loop has made waste-free on behalf of Rabobank. This is good for people, the environment, climate and the economy.

Do you want to know more about how Closing the Loop has made your phone waste-free? Click here.

For more information, please take a further look on our website or contact Wiske Hermans: (wiske.hermans [at]