Our animation explaining the One for One concept.

Our One for One offsetting enables you to make your employees' phones ‘material neutral’ so you can start exploring the role you can play in a circular economy.

Circularity is a topic on many organisations’ agendas. This method of future-proofing means that resources are used in a regenerative system that minimises waste. Several industry examples have shown that rethinking one’s value chain - and moving away from the linear economy – can have many benefits for people, the planet and your profit.

But many organisations struggle with the practical implementation of the concept of circularity, which holds a big risk of becoming abstract and difficult to act on.

For those aiming to introduce circular thinking to their internal organisation, Closing the Loop developed the concept of material offsetting. Similar to CO2 offsetting, the approach allows our customers to offset a ‘negative footprint’. However, we focus on the materials used in manufacturing a product. Even more specific: we compensate the metals that have been extracted to produce one mobile phone, by collecting and recycling a scrap phone. This way, the phone used by your employee becomes material neutral.

Our service can be used as an add-on to your current procurement process, without the need to change any existing suppliers or agreements. Offsetting is easy, has a low cost and allows you to deliver a positive impact such more recycling, less waste and CO2 reduction.

Contact us and introduce circularity to your company today.