We collect end-of-life mobile phones in emerging markets, on your behalf. This offsets your telecom footprint and introduces circularity in your business.

Creating a truly circular economy starts with proper usage of waste. Closing the Loop involves companies around the world in its business, by offering the opportunity to make their use of mobile phones circular. This means that while their customers maintain their current commissioning policy for new phones - or dispose of redundant phones in the way they are used to – Closing the Loop offsets that new or disposed phone by collecting a waste phones from Africa for its customer, according the so-called One-for-One concept. One new or disposed phone leads to the collection of one scrap phone, for just a small fee.

Our One-for-One video explains the offsetting we can do for phones

By collecting scrap phones on behalf of companies like ING, Closing the Loop offsets footprint caused by organisational telecom policies. As such, Closing the Loop has created a material and waste focused, circular version of the more known ‘CO2 offsetting’, enabling its customers to use their phones in a material-neutral and waste-free manner. This way the customer becomes a part of the story, creating awareness throughout the phone’s lifetime. Our customers use this story, and the great content we deliver alongside it, to inform their stakeholders (eg employees) about waste reduction and recycling.

Rwandan Phone Collector
In Rwanda our partner provides an income for many women in his network.