Circular Phone Purchasing & Reuse

Closing the Loop believes the future of mobile technology has to be sustainable, ethical, open and kind.

We encourage mobile phone reuse but ensure it doesn’t cause harm in emerging markets.

We offer simple 1-for-1 reuse and offsetting services that recover and safely recycle scrap phones in Africa and Asia.

We help our customers play a positive role in a circular economy and our local partners to develop safe employment in emerging markets.


Client Cases

Royal Schiphol Group has taken a big step towards a circular business. By compensating the raw materials in their mobile phones, they have made their phone usage more circular and sustainable. In addition, their old & used phones will get a responsible new life in an emerging market.

Waste-free disposal, that’s what ING wanted. We reuse their redundant phones and collect an equal number of waste phones. These collections are paid for by the value of ING’s disposed phones. ING can be sure they do not add to global e-waste.