Introducing circularity into your business

Do you want your telecom policy to reduce electronic waste in emerging markets, rather than add to it?

We help offset the environmental footprint of the mobile phones your employees or customers use, through measurable, audited and awarded recovery programmes. Our approach generates safe, local employment in Africa and Asia.

Our easy, turn-key services for 'circular telecom policies' enable your company to have positive social and environmental impact.


Client Cases

With their large employee headcount, Ahold also frequently disposes mobile phones and tablets. These include devices that have become obsolete, that have been damaged or that were owned by former employees. We buy these electronics and reuse them.

Waste-free disposal, that’s what ING wanted. We reuse their redundant phones and collect an equal number of waste phones. These collections are paid for by the value of ING’s disposed phones. ING can be sure they do not add to global e-waste.