Dutch provinces

A group of Dutch provinces and environmental services wanted to do something about the sustainability problems associated with mobile phones, such as increasing resource scarcity and the issue of electronic waste in developing countries. The demand was a complete compensation of the use of raw materials.

The challenge 

Ten provinces and four environmental services set the goal to make the supply chain of telephony more circular, sustainable and social through purchasing. They recognise that the electronics supply chain is not only highly polluting, but also uses a lot of scarce resources. However, this chain is highly complex. Together they wanted to make a difference in an easy and effective way. Providing insight in the process of collecting waste phones was an important requirement.

Together with Closing the Loop, we fulfil a part of the circular demand of the provinces. Our organisations complemented each other well and our collaboration was spotless. This tender shows that circularity can easily be part of the procurement process. - Luuk Slaats, CEO at Centralpoint

The service 

Closing the Loop, together with Centralpoint, offered a circular offsetting service for mobile phones. The service is simple yet effective: for every phone the province buys, Closing the Loop sees to it that a waste phone in Africa is collected and recycled.

The solution

By preventing phones from becoming waste in Africa, Closing the Loop’s approach ensures less pollution and creates income for people in developing countries.

The result

For the first time in the world, Closing the Loop has made 3,000 new smartphones 'material-neutral' through a procurement process. We do this by collecting 3,000 scrap phones. We showcased this deal in many communication expressions.

We also ensured that the phones disposed by the government are made ready for the second hand market via our partners in a sustainable way.

By paying for the completely broken phones, we convert electronic waste into local jobs, reusable raw materials and concrete circular results for the Dutch provinces.

This approach was nominated for the national MVI KoopWijsPrijs 2018. The jury recognised the strong collaboration between the provinces, Centralpoint and Closing the Loop.

Are you interested in getting started on circularity?

Like the Dutch provinces, environmental services and more than 40 other organisations, you can combine positive social, environmental and PR benefits. Use the services of Closing the Loop. Become a circular pioneer. Get in touch via 020 75 26 506 or info [at] closingtheloop.eu 

For more information about this collaboration see the website of Pianoo.