EVENT: Thinking in Circles and Shortening Loops

14 October 2021

On October 27, the Consulate General of the Kingdom of the Netherlands in Toronto and Dutch Company Closing the Loop organize the webinar: ‘’Thinking in circles and shortening loops: What needs to happen in markets to advance circular procurement in ICT?’’

As a follow-up to WCEF in Toronto in September, we will discuss the essential role procurers and consumers can play in achieving a more sustainable and fair economy.

This online session will kick-off with a discussion on the Canadian and Dutch approaches on establishing a fair and sustainable ICT procurement framework. Both countries signed the Circular & Fair ICT pact, an international procurement partnership. What are the current experiences and future ambitions with this pact? Furthermore, we will touch upon practical examples and tools to achieve sustainable public ICT procurement.

We will then add industry speakers to the mix who will share experiences with the initiatives and models they employ. What needs to be done to further advance circular procurement according to the industry?

Speakers will be from HP Canada, the Circular Innovation Council and the Circular and Fair ICT Pact

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