VIERI & Closing the Loop 

Closing the Loop

Closing the Loop (CTL) offers a way to compensate the impact of mobile phones and other IT hardware. CTL makes the devices material-neutral and waste free by compensation. It collects and recycles scrap phones that otherwise would never be recycled in the proper way. 

Because CTL recycles scrap phones, so-called electronic waste, the materials used to create those phones become available again, amongst those are gold, silver and copper.

One of the products from the recycling of our phones is pure gold.

VIERI & Closing the Loop

Fine jewelry producer VIERI is always on the lookout to use 100% sustainable gold and to make an impact with their products. When VIERI heard about CTL quickly a cooperation for the new Essential Collection was created. 

VIERI decided to use the recycled gold that results from the recycling process of e-waste, that CTL initiates, and that is the best, responsible option on the market.

How Closing the Loop works in Africa.


The quality of recycled gold is nothing less than any gold mined traditionally, and this gold even has the additional value of it having a positive impact on the environment and society, where this is 'less certain' with other ‘non-certified’ gold to say the least.

Wearing the jewelry of the VIERI Essential Collection you can be sure to have not even a beautiful piece of fine jewelry on you, but you have the knowledge of that it had a positive impact. 

VIERI Essential Collection

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