Webinar: Implementing Sustainable ICT, Today!

This session will explain why the IT department is not only the most interesting, but also the most appealing and perhaps even the easiest department to start with when adopting circular concepts in your business.

Join GeSI and Closing the Loop in this WCEFOnline Side Event webinar as we speak to experts on circular economy for the IT industry. Learn how these experts have turned circular thinking into practice for their organizations - and how their solutions were developed. 

We will dive into important and urgent questions around Sustainable IT, such as:

  • "What's in it for my organization to engage in responsible consumption of electronics?"
  • “Which solid, proven solutions are out there that can make the IT department 'greener', in a risk-free manner?”
  • "How do mature solutions such as refurbishing, remodelling and waste-compensation allow you to translate company values into your IT policy?’’
  • "How can I implement circularity for IT, today?’’

Experts from Ingram Micro, Rabobank and TCO Development, will share their hands-on case-studies around circular procurement, use and disposal for IT hardware, after which we will dive deeper into their views with a moderated Q&A.

Save your spot now to Join us October 13, 16:00 CET.