Vodafone Germany

In line with their ambition to become the number one choice for their customers, Vodafone Germany is helping its clients to make better choices for them and the environment when purchasing devices. Being a service provider, it’s essential for Vodafone to offer clear and appealing choices throughout the customer journey, that go beyond the basics. This includes support on topics such as sustainability or waste reduction, throughout the purchasing journey in an engaging way. 

The Solution

For that reason, Vodafone Germany decided to use Closing the Loop’s service of waste compensation. The service was included in its Circular Mobile Strategy and labeled “One for One”. 
“One for One” is a promise to private customers. For every phone a private customer buys at Vodafone Germany, one end-of-life mobile device will be collected and recycled. The collection is done in countries that lack waste management systems, by Closing the Loop. 
This is large scale impact – more than 1 million phones are compensated each year, and as a result, 1 million scrap devices will be collected – that Vodafone applies to every device it sells to its customer. It makes it a game changer in the industry: Vodafone is proving that sustainable services can be made appealing to every customer.

"One for One is a trust building element for our customers when purchasing a phone with us. It shows that we drive scalable and actionable solutions towards circularity - for every customer, no strings attached. On top of that our customers can manage their own phone lifecycle more sustainabily by using our circular services around for example repair and return."

The Service 

Closing the Loop collects and recycles one waste phone in Africa for every new device sold by Vodafone in Germany. This service has demonstrated to be of commercial value for Vodafone as it generates significant visibility in the media, positive customer engagement and a competitive advantage. 
Above all, Vodafone is able to attract audiences with a new message - and inviting others in the industry to do the same.

The Result 

This service generated commercial value. A certified, and innovative implementation of circular thinking is combined with Vodafone’s highly recognizable and valued consumer brand. The result is both appealing and a differentiator. Partnerships like these are an example on how to get started on circularity. They prove green services are relevant for the tech industry way beyond compliance. 

Are you interested in getting started on circularity? 

Like Vodafone and organizations across 8 countries, you can combine positive commercial, environmental and PR benefits.

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