How to get started


If you also believe your organisation can make steps on sustainability and can offset their mobile phones through our One for One service, let us know! It is easy, safe, low-cost and proven.

  • If you can make this happen for your organisation, contact us today through 
    josefien.dekool [at] and Josefien will get in contact with you. 

  • If you are not the person to make this happen, then probably your Telecom manager / IT purchase manager or IT manager is the person in your organisation to contact.
    Please let them know about Closing the Loop.


Your strongest weapon is social media. Please help us promote circularity for phones.

Tweet: "I want my phone to become material-neutral. @KPN, @VodafoneGroup, @Telefonica, @Orange, @deutschetelekom: add circularity to your services. @CtheLoop."

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