Launch of TCO Certified Edge, E-waste Compensated

31 March 2020

A new compensation program called "TCO Certified Edge, E-waste Compensated" helps purchasers combat toxic e-waste.

Thousands of tonnes of toxic e-waste is illegally dumped in vulnerable regions every year. A new addition to TCO Certified Edge will help solve the problem.

By choosing to buy certified IT products, purchasers can make sure that an equivalent amount of e-waste is collected and recycled in a safe way. 

Closing the Loop is the first approved collector within the framework of TCO Certified Edge, E-waste Compensated. 

TCO Development launched this new program on March 31, 2020. (see press release)

Read what Joost de Kluijver, founder of Closing the Loop has to say about this. 

Why is e-waste compensation so important in today's market ?
E-waste compensation provides opportunities for organisations. Let me explain that: Many organisations have created (longer term) goals for sustainable operations and consumption. It is however clear that there is a lack of pragmatic solutions that can be implemented today. Solutions that can turn ambitions into results, and that offer a first step towards reaching those long term goals.

When organisations start compensating their devices, they internalize a concrete, risk-free and practical solution for sustainable IT procurement. One that prevents electronic waste and create awareness amongst their workforce.

Why are you so glad that TCO Development created the certification TCO Certified Edge, E-waste Compensated”?
This new certification is a great development! It creates awareness for possibilities to compensate, or offset, the waste caused by electronics procurement. We fully believe that linking the purchase of new devices to the recycling of broken devices makes sense, for sellers, buyers, users and end-of-life collectors of IT.

Compensation is now recognised by this world-leading sustainability organisation as a way forward towards a circular society. We expect this certification will become the norm for hardware sales and buying over time.

Of course we, as Closing the Loop, are already offering e-waste compensation for years. Our innovative approach made us the first approved collector within the framework of TCO Certified Edge, E-waste Compensated. Mainstreaming our service will boast the growth of e-waste compensation in the market and reduce the ecological footprint of our clients. 

How does the concept work, how can purchasers use this? 
It’s a bit of a chicken or egg discussion: what should come first, supply or demand? If there is demand, manufacturers will produce the products, but as long as manufacturers are not convinced, they first need proof of the demand.

Purchasers are essential as they need to tell their suppliers (manufacturers or service providers) that E-waste Compensated hardware delivers on their need for sustainable procurement of IT.

The compensation service Closing the Loop offers has been around for 4 years, thus proof for the demand is building up. Now every IT purchaser can play a role and add to the demand.

Is this concept of e-waste compensation already relevant for purchasers?
Indeed this concept is already relevant, purchasers are essential in creating demand with the manufacturers. Until the products are manufactured with the certification, purchasers can take practical steps compensating their devices already through the compensation service of Closing the Loop. This will already prove there is demand for e-waste compensated products.

Why is this a chance for purchasers?
Many purchasers currently struggle with - complex and impactful - sustainability targets. Acting upon them is often challenging and sometimes involves changes that are not easily done. 

Compensating IT products is a great start for those looking for a pragmatic first step. It is very (cost) effective, can be incorporated in any current purchase process (direct or through a reseller) and it is practical. The implementation of sustainability has never been easier for purchasers. 

If you would like to start compensating today click here.